• Essentials of Social Media Management: Amplify your Brand and Engage your Customers
  • Leading Effective Meetings: Optimizing your Time and Resources
  • Developing an Attitude of Professionalism: Values and Attitudes for Success
  • Effective Workload Management: Everyday Techniques to Get Things Done
  • LeaderShift Module 1: The Leader as a PEOPLE MANAGER: From Task to People Management
  • Multi-Generation Workforce Management: Bridging Work Styles across a Diverse Workforce
  • Project Management Skills for Everyday Tasks: Adopting the Mindset from Planning to Execution
  • LeaderShift Module 2: The Leader as a COMMUNICATOR: From Talking and Writing to Communicating
  • LeaderShift Module 3: The Leader as a PERFORMANCE COACH: From Performance Monitoring to Leading and Coaching
  • Handling Customer Complaints: Communicate and Connect with your Customers
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE SERIES 2: Customer Service Recovery:
  • DIGITAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT SERIES 4: Principles of Creative Video Production:
  • LeaderShift Module 4: The Leader as an INNOVATOR: From Typical to Critical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking in the Workplace: Analyze and Implement Effective Solutions
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE SERIES 3: The R.O.I. on a Customer Service Mindset: "Reaping the Benefits of a Customer Service Culture!"
  • Professional Image and Presence: Civility and Etiquette in the Modern Business Setting
  • Managing Employee Development: Creating Programs for Career Growth and Retention
  • Supervisory Essentials Training: From Task to People Management
  • Interactive & Engaging Presentation Skills: Applicable Tools & Techniques for your presentation
  • Sales Proficiency Training (SPRING): Methods and Techniques in Sales & Negotiation
  • Digital Marketing Toolbox: Using the Paid, Owned, and Earned Model
  • PHONETOGRAPHY: Explore, Create, & Inspire using your Smartphone
  • Supervisory Essentials Training: Leader as an Effective Communicator
  • MS EXCEL MADE SIMPLE: Beginners Guide to Basic Excel
  • CODING FOR KIDS (PART 1): Enhancing Creativity & Critical Thinking
  • ADVANCED MS EXCEL: Optimize its Functions to Ease and Simplify Data-Driven Tasks


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    ₱ 5,900.00

    CUSTOMER SERVICE SERIES 2: Customer Service Recovery:

    Why join the workshop?


    Customers have been known to lament that service providers do not care about their needs and expectations. These disgruntled and vocal complainers take to their mobile phones and social networks, where they can deal lasting damage to your reputation. By learning how to proactively deal and avoid these scenarios, you can “assist” them in changing your image in their minds and become positive advertisers, as well as increase your profitability and productivity in the long run!

    This program is the second  in our Customer Service Series - other workshops include:


    • Handling Customer Complaints: Communicate and Connect With Your Customers!
    • The ROI of Developing a Customer Service Mindset: How to Enjoy the Benefits of a Customer Service Culture!


    This highly-interactive workshop aims to enable participants to:


    • Understand that they are integral in creating delightful customer experiences

    • Learn the steps and tips on how to win clients back and establish stronger relationships

    • Enhance overall customer experience that will lead to generating and sustaining goodwill

    • Acquire the knowledge to increase productivity and profitability through time and practice

    • Develop relevant yet simple strategies to win their customers back

    Who Should Attend:


    The workshop is highly recommended for team leaders, department heads and supervisors, customer service representatives and managers, sales and account executives, sales managers, freelance professionals, and entrepreneurs.


    Some of the topics that this hands-on workshop will tackle include:


    • The roots of customer dissatisfaction

    • Anticipation as a deterrent

    • Service recovery strategies

    • Channels and techniques for addressing complaints

    • What to say and what not to say

    • The “5 As” recovery framework

    • Creating service recovery plans

    Course Schedule:

    May 19 - 19, 2017

    Nov 14, 2016

    Nov 14, 2016

    Mar 20, 2017

    Mar 20, 2017

    Apr 05, 2017

    Apr 05, 2017

    Apr 30, 2017

    Apr 30, 2017