• Essentials of Social Media Management: Amplify your Brand and Engage your Customers
  • Leading Effective Meetings: Optimizing your Time and Resources
  • Developing an Attitude of Professionalism: Values and Attitudes for Success
  • Effective Workload Management: Everyday Techniques to Get Things Done
  • Multi-Generation Workforce Management: Bridging Work Styles across a Diverse Workforce
  • Project Management Skills for Everyday Tasks: Adopting the Mindset from Planning to Execution
  • Handling Customer Complaints: Communicate and Connect with your Customers
  • Customer Service Recovery: Win Back Customers and Keep Them for Good!
  • Effective Video Production: How to Produce Interesting, Compelling, and Viral Videos
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making in the Workplace: Analyze and Implement Effective Solutions
  • The R.O.I. on a Customer Service Mindset: Reaping the Benefits of a Customer Service Culture
  • Professional Image and Presence: Civility and Etiquette in the Modern Business Setting
  • Managing People Development: A Toolbox Session on Initiating and Managing Programs for Employees Satisfaction and Productivity
  • Supervisory Essentials: From Task to People Management
  • Interactive & Engaging Presentation Skills: Applicable Tools & Techniques for your presentation
  • Sales Proficiency Training (SPRING): Methods and Techniques in Sales & Negotiation
  • Digital Marketing Toolbox: Using the Paid, Owned, and Earned Model
  • PHONETOGRAPHY: Explore, Create, & Inspire using your Smartphone
  • Supervisory Essentials Training: Leader as an Effective Communicator
  • MS Excel Made Simple: Beginners Guide to Basic Excel
  • CODING FOR KIDS (PART 1): Enhancing Creativity & Critical Thinking
  • MS EXCEL ADVANCED: Optimize its Functions to Ease and Simplify Data-Driven Tasks
  • CREATE A STRESS - FREE SPACE: Managing Stress for a Happier and Healthier you
  • Building and Condo Management: Property & Facility Management, Leasing and Preventive Maintenance
  • Marketing 101: How Marketing is at the core of every growth strategy
  • Practical Enterprise Architecture
  • DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT: Native Advertising: Aligning Creative Thought Process and Storytelling with your Business Strategies
  • Business Etiquette 101: Professional Guide to Projecting the Best Image of your Company
  • Basic Quality Toolkit: Apply the 8 tools used to improve Productivity, Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Creating and Enhancing Relationships with Customers: How to Achieve Customer Engagement and Loyalty
  • Exploring MS Powerpoint and Beyond: Interactive and Engaging Presentation Tools
  • Fundamentals of Coaching: Developing a Coaching Culture in your Organization
  • Effective Selling: Elevating your Sales Game with Tools and Techniques to Close a Sale
  • Strategies in Digital Writing: How to Write Lean, Fast, and Viral
  • Facilities Management and Comprehensive Maintenance Program
  • Effective CSR Programs: Planning and Executing Relevant Programs with Social Impact
  • Basic Macros and Visual Basic Application: Simplify and Execute Spreadsheet Tasks in just One Click
  • Property Management of Subdivision Projects
  • Fundamentals of Developing People: Ensure your Employees' Growth and Productivity
  • Process Documentation, Mapping, and Analysis: Improving Business Processes for Effective Execution and Output
  • Effective Negotiation Skills: Applying the Different Styles of Negotiation for Everyday Application at Work
  • Productivity Plus: Purpose + Passion = High Performance
  • Lean Thinking and Management: Eliminating Waste and Adding Value
  • Conflict Management: A Win-Win Approach
  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Maximizing technology to enhance Customer Experience, improve Operational Efficiency, and expand Business Models
  • Finance for Line Managers: Analyzing Financial Reports for Business Decision Making
  • Tourism Marketing: Creating a Marketing Plan for your Tourism and Hospitality Business
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: Improving your focus, creativity, and decision making
  • Full Stack Web Development: Acquire In-Demand Skills to Create an E-Commerce Website
  • Events Management: Techniques and Strategies on Planning and Launching Events
  • Crucial Conversations: How to deal with Power, Position and Authority
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Review Class for CISI Exam: International Introduction to Securities and Investment
  • Review Class for CISI Exam: International Introduction to Securities and Investment
  • Social Media Analytics: Drive results to your business through a data-driven approach
  • Getting Things Done: The Power of Execution
  • Leadership Excellence in Challenging Times: Future-proofing your Organization
  • Building and Condo Management: Property & Facility Management, Leasing and Preventive Maintenance (CEBU)
  • Strategic Key Account Management: Planning and Implementing Dynamic Account Strategies
  • Design Thinking for Innovation: Techniques and Processes to Create User-focused Solutions in the Workplace
  • Simplified Tax Compliance for SMEs: Applying Best Practices and Approaches
  • Coding for Beginners: Explore a New Career in Programming
  • Present! - A Mindfulness Workshop for kids to improve focus and creativity
  • Chill Out: A Mindfulness Workshop for Teens to pay attention to current state of emotions
  • Effective Visual Communication: Create Compelling Content
  • Handling Conflicts in the Workplace: Building Trust and Sensitivity
  • Project Management Toolbox: Adopting the Mindset from Planning to Execution (CEBU)
  • Speaking with Confidence: Overcoming Anxiety in Public Speaking
  • Photoshop for Beginners: Creating Artwork For Online and Print Materials
  • Project Management Toolbox: Adopting the Mindset from Planning to Execution
  • Selling to Managing: Making the Leap from Individual Performer to Sales Leader
  • Create an Impactful Online Brand Image: Ensure a Connection with your Target Audience
  • Practical Labor Relations: Useful Advice and Tips on Employee Discipline
  • Highest and Best Use of Properties: Determining the Best Use and Highest Value for Maximum Profit
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making in the Workplace: Analyze and Implement Effective Solutions (CEBU)
  • Practical Labor Relations: Useful Advice and Tips on Employee Discipline
  • Effective CSR Programs: Planning and Executing Relevant Programs with Social Impact (CEBU)
  • Developing Content & Building Connections with Media
  • Basic Selling: From Tactical to Strategic Selling
  • Essentials of Business Communication: Written and Oral Communication for Everyday Use
  • eLearning Instructional Design & Development Certification Workshop


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    ₱ 20,000.00

    eLearning Instructional Design & Development Certification Workshop

    Why join the workshop?

    The workplace of the future will create opportunities for employees to learn and develop their capabilities through online platforms, webinars, and other digital learning solutions. Companies should invest now in bringing these digital learning solutions to their workplace so they can better engage with their learners, save on training costs, and increase their teams’ productivity and development.

    This program is a 5-Day Training and Certification Workshop focuses on practical application of the ADDIE Model for eLearning Development. The program centers around the use of Adobe Captivate as the primary authoring tool and how participants can leverage its features in creating effective digital learning solutions.


    • Apply the ADDIE Model in the end to end creation of an elearning solution, from needs analysis, design, development, delivery and evaluation.

    • Understand the functionalities of Adobe Captivate and how to integrate those functionalities into the eLearning development

    • Utilize and understand tools and features in creating eLearning materials, and other technology that support digital learning.

    • Create standalone eLearning materials, by applying development best practices, to bridge gaps in business and training need

    Who Should Attend:

    Learning & Development professionals. With at least 1 year experience in facilitating adult learning programs.


    Day 1: 

    ADDIE Review | What is ADDIE.

    When and Why we use Digital Learning (and when not to use)

    Webinars / Virtual Classes | Tools to use, best practices

     Digital Games / Gamification | Tools to use, best practices

    Managing course attendance & course evaluation |

    Other digital collaboration tools –

    End of day Deliverable: (Create a course sign-up sheet, evaluation survey, and trivia game online)


    Day 2:  

    Analysis (scoping and entering the elearning ‘need’) - Why, how, and what e-learning solution makes sense.

    Design - Storyboard (flow) to script writing, Stakeholder and SME collaboration, Building the outline / flow (deliverable of participants), resource gathering, Learning objectives

    Common Types of eLearning

         • Content eLearning

                   o Standard/Classic eLearning

                   o Simulation eLearning

                   o Responsive eLearning

         • Assessment eLearning

                   o Quiz

                   o Survey


    Day 3

    Development - Basic Captivate (eLearning Authoring tool) introduction

         • What is Adobe Captivate?

         • Features of Adobe Captivate

         • Why Adobe Captivate?

    Development - Captivate Interface Training

         • The Splash Page

         • The Top Toolbar

         • The Main Ribbon

         • The Side Panels

         • The Timeline

         • Master Slide Function

    Development - Captivate Tools Training (Expanding on the Main Ribbon)

         • eLearning Interface Tools (Slides and Themes)

         • Content Tools (Text, Shapes, Objects)

         • Interactivity Tools (Interactions, Media, Record)

         • Save and Publish Tools (Save, Preview, Publish)                       Development - Supported Formats

         • Inserting Images

         • Inserting Voiceovers

         • Inserting Videos

         • Inserting SFX

         • Inserting other content (PPT, SWF Animation)

    Development - Captivate Assessment eLearning Type

         • Inserting Checkpoint questions

         • Creating a Quiz using question slides

         • Creating a Survey using question slides

    Development - Activity for the day 

         • Participants must create their 5 Content Only slides and 5 Assessment Slides which should contain the following:

         • Cover Page

         • Slide Templates (in each slide)

         • Usage of at least 1 interaction activity

         • Usage of at least 3 multimedia elements (images or videos)

         • Embedded audio (Voiceover, sfx)

         • Usage of at least 3 different question types for the assessment slides


    Day 4

    Development - Review of Day 3

    Development - Captivate Flow of Actions

         • Buttons Explored (Using shapes as buttons, assigning scores, assigning actions, changing states)

         • Using Advanced Actions

         • Branching Slides/Jumping to Slides

    Development - Applying the storyboard elements

         • Implementation of Text, Audio, Interactions, Images, etc from your Storyboard

         • Implementation best practices

    Development - Activity for the day

         • Participants must begin the development of their certification project


    Day 5

    Development - Review of Day 4

    Development - Captivate Settings for Export (SCORM 1.2 Compliant


    Development - Publish Settings

    Development - Finalizing the eLearning and Testing

    Certification Activity - Deliverable required by end of training


    *Program fee is  PHP 20K+VAT

    Course Schedule:

    Oct 7 - 11, 2019