Delighting Customers in the New Normal

Nearly all customer-facing businesses would agree that today’s consumer is less patient and more demanding.  And living in a time of pandemic has just exacerbated that further. And because consumers […]

Handling Conflicts in the Workplace

Potential conflicts are part of any social interaction or relationship, even in the workplace. Resolving them may come in different forms: engaging in unilateral decision-making by forcing, negotiating and attempting […]

Giving and Receiving Online Feedback

Feedback is the one corporate exercise that is hit or miss… mostly miss. Usually, there is a tendency on the part of the feedback giver to pass judgment instead of […]

Social Media Management: A 2021 Update

2020 has set the whole world back. But with vaccines available, we can start rebuilding our lives and businesses in 2021—slowly, but surely. We need to be updated on the […]

Restore Your Team’s Confidence

Leaders can make or break your company during a crisis. The pandemic has exposed the remarkable difference between a true leader and a mediocre one. It is during crises when […]

Agility for business recovery

by Glenn San Luis | Philippine Daily Inquirer As we are all aware, many small and medium businesses were affected by the pandemic. But with the arrival of vaccines, many […]