Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

“Technical terms and jargon were really simplified. Concepts were broken down into chunk sized pieces which made it easier to understand.”

Handling Conflicts in
the Workplace

“The facilitator truly knows what she is doing/saying. She made the mood of the workshop very light, comfortable and engaging which made all the participants actively participate.”

Social Media Analytics

“This workshop gave me ideas and techniques that I can apply to my work and help the company establish effective and engaging social media ads.”

Process Management

“The speaker absolutely did a great job. He effortlessly utilized a peculiar approach for the participants to learn in a simpler means. How he explained important key notes is so practical and easy to understand. One of the best speakers I encountered that targets to educate his learners in practical ways!”

Essentials of Business Communication

“The activities in this workshop were the ideal way to gain learnings since it was a practical exercise.”

Creating Content and
Building Connections

“Aside from this workshop being informative, the anecdotes and quips were really entertaining. First time to attend a workshop that did not put me to sleep, honestly. And no, I did not have a single cup of coffee.”