GIVE AS A GIFT: Leadership in Communication – Building an Authentic Executive Presence


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Leadership communication is key to building an authentic executive presence and inspiring trust and confidence in your stakeholders.

This online course will equip you with the essential tools and techniques for effective communication, such as active listening, audience-centered communication, and storytelling. You will also learn how to enhance your executive presence through body language, voice modulation, and message structure.

Building an authentic leadership presence will help you project confidence, credibility, and a clear vision for creating value and delivering results.

By improving your communication skills, you can become an effective and inspiring leader.


I. Leadership communication that adds value and delivers results

II. Authenticity in Building Trust and Impact

– Communicating to create value and achieve results
– Enhancing communication effectiveness through executive presence
– Structuring communications for impact and clarity
– Conveying messages through effective body language

III. Building Common Ground through Communication Strategies

– Listening actively to connect with your audience
– Addressing your audience’s needs and interests
– Establish a personal connection
– Finding common ground and rapport to build relationships
– Engaging fully by staying in the moment

IV. The Power of Storytelling for Authentic Communication

– Crafting and delivering compelling stories that resonate with your audience
– Engaging and creating emotional connections through storytelling

V. Communication Strategies for Achieving Results in Challenging Situations

– Handling difficult questions and situations professionally with honesty and clarity
– Creating value for everyone by communicating with different types of stakeholders
– Driving productive conversations and facilitating groups to achieve positive outcomes

VI. Authentic Leadership Presence

– Conveying authenticity through the power of posture, gestures, and expressions
– Building credibility through consistency
– Tips for projecting a genuine and confident presence

VII. Impactful Communication Strategies

– Making a positive impact through the use of the power of visualization
– Keeping it clear and concise to capture your audience’s attention
– Communicate with professionalism to your stakeholders


Leaders of organizations from various industries will find this course beneficial and practical.

Employees who are working on career advancement will find value in this course.


RAUL DOMINIC BADILLA, or Dino, is an Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer & government executive with a professional background anchored on almost 30 years of work experience in operations, people management & leadership in various capacities as an executive for government institutions, multinational companies, and private organizations.

Dino has a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of the Philippines and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Dino facilitates workshops on coaching, mentoring, and ethical leadership with the INQUIRER Academy.