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Course Instructor | Andro Beltran


Why take this course?

You want to start investing but have so many questions you’re afraid to ask. Here’s a course that will guide you to create additional streams of income.

This easy-to-understand course provides guidance on how to get started, how to avoid getting scammed, what are the legitimate investment options in the Philippines, and how you can invest confidently online in the new normal.

The course will also tackle how people can invest with just a small amount, and understand how your money grows over time.


Course Highlights

– Budgeting Strategy

– Emergency Fund

– Bad Utang vs Good Utang

– Legitimate Investments in the Philippines

– Deposits (The Money Market)

– Fixed Income Instruments (The Bond Market)

– Equities (The Stock Market)

– Properties (The Real Estate Market)

– How to avoid getting scammed

– What type of investor are you?

– Finding your Perfect (Investment) Match

– Quarantinvestments: Pooled Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts

– The Benefits of Long-term Investing

– The Best Time to Invest

NOTE: Inquirer Academy is not affiliated with any investment company.


Who should attend?

Beginner and Intermediate Investors will benefit from this online course. You will get relevant, no-nonsense information you can immediately put into practice.


If you are a parent/ guardian, this will help you bring up financially responsible children. They can even watch this with you because the videos and activities are fun and easy to understand.

If you are an HR professional, this course will give you enough background to create financial wellness programs for your organization.

If you are an educator, this will help you become more exposed to budgeting, saving, and investing. You will become more confident in encouraging your students and other non-teaching personnel to be savvier with money.

If you are a Filipino Overseas Worker or a hardworking employee, learn the legitimate but affordable investment vehicles to help you create additional streams of income.


About the Instructor

Andoy Beltran is an SEC, BSP, PSE and Bloomberg-licensed investment professional with 16 years of experience across various asset classes. Pre-pandemic, he’s been invited to more than a thousand speaking engagements both here and abroad, and continues to do so today in the digital space. He’s one of the youngest top executives in one of the country’s biggest local stock brokerage firms, and runs a number of businesses on the side.