GIVE AS A GIFT: Excel Basics for Office Use


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Course Instructor | Donnie Baje


Why take this course?

Work can be easier and done faster with the right tools, like MS Excel. It’s time to explore the power of Excel and how it can help you organize your data and numbers. Next time you will be asked to make a report with numbers, charts, etc, you can confidently do it. With this course, you will learn how to apply Excel functions in various scenarios.


Course Highlights

– Understanding Sheets and Cell References

– Creating Tables with Borders, Cell Color, and Freeze Pane

– Sorting and Filtering

– Applying Basic Conditional Formatting

– Creating Dropdowns using Basic Data Validation

– Aggregating Numbers using Math Functions

– Understanding Absolute and Relative Cell References

– Modifying Texts using Text Functions

– Creating Basic Logical Functions


What others say about this course

“The instructor clearly explained the tools and functions in the simplest way possible”

“The activities helped to make sure I learned the topics.”

“Don’t be intimidated. Simple lang pala!”


Who should attend?

Anyone who is starting to use MS Excel in their work or business will find this course very beneficial.


About the Instructor

Donnie Ray Baje has been in the professional learning and development field for many years, designing and developing training modules for various corporate clients. He has developed his expertise in MS Office applications working with one of the top IT schools in the Philippines. He has written several ebooks and learning materials for clients both locally and abroad.