GIVE AS A GIFT: Creating Effective Online Content: Everything you need to know as a Content Creator


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Course Instructor | Millie Morales


Why take this course?

Since there is a lot of competing content in our digital feeds, how can you, as a creator, a marketer, or a business owner choose the right format, and the right content to reach your target market with all the clutter?

This course is designed to identify the different types of online content that suit your personal or business objectives, as well as how to create effective content for your intended audience to increase audience engagement, loyalty, and assist in sales

Course Highlights

Module 1: What is Content, its Importance and what are they for?

1. Defining Content and Its Importance
2. Three Considerations when Creating Content Online

Module 2: What are the different types of Online Content and their uses?

1. What are the Different Types of Online Content?
2. Graphics
3. Video
4. Podcast
5. Blog

Module 3: Creating and Executing Effective Content Strategy

1. Setting S.M.A.R.T. Content Goals
2. Identifying your Target Market
3. Understanding the Online Consumer Journey
4. Designing and Executing an Online Content Plan
5. Repurposing Content

Module 4: Analyzing and Reporting Your Results

1. Analyzing the Results of your Content Strategy
2. Tips on How to Report the Results of your Campaign


Who should attend?

The course will benefit the following:

– Marketing beginners: those who have little knowledge about marketing and would like to learn more to help them with their work, or are considering being a Content Creator as a career path

– Business owners to have a deeper understanding of how content can increase engagement, encourage loyalty, and translate to revenue if done consistently

– Marketing professionals to enrich knowledge and be able to pass it on to other team members


About the Instructor

Millie Morales was previously a Senior Digital Marketing Manager of Watsons Philippines where she executed the digital marketing campaigns of both Watsons and SM beauty brands, which included media planning, content creation, production, community management, and lead generation to Watsons and SM Beauty’s e-commerce platforms. She was also the Digital and PR Manager of Max’s Kitchen Inc, and was also connected with Globe Telecom where she was responsible for end-to-end channel brand management. Millie is an advocate of digital literacy and is the resource person of Inquirer Academy for workshops on digital marketing and content creation.