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Course Instructor | Allan Gamboa



Have you ever wanted to tell your opinion but were afraid of what people will say?

Have you ever chosen to be quiet so you won’t hurt another person?

Have you been wanting to ask for something at work but are afraid to be rejected?

Have you ever felt guilty putting your needs first?

If you answered YES to one of these, then this course is for you!

Every day, opportunities to express one’s worries, rights, or wants emerge. And you can be honest with others about your thoughts and feelings, and if necessary, create limits. To do it successfully, you simply need to understand assertive communication techniques.

This useful course offers fresh perspectives on effectively communicating while maintaining fairness and empathy.  

You will learn how to develop a sense of respect for your rights and for who you are. Additionally, you will also learn how to express your needs and wants in a positive, confident manner while reviewing your progress.



MODULE 1: Understanding Assertiveness and its Importance

  1. What is Assertiveness?
  2. Why isn’t everyone Assertive?
  3. How does Assertiveness differ from other approaches? Why do I need to be assertive?

MODULE 2: How can I become more Assertive?

  1. Foundation Beliefs and Mental Models
  2. Rules of Assertion
  3. Practical Ways of Developing Assertiveness

MODULE 3: Developing Assertiveness

  1. Tips for Sustaining the Skill and Behavior Change



Employees, professionals, and entrepreneurs who interact with different people will find this course very helpful.



ALLAN GAMBOA is a Management and Organization Development Consultant who specializes in Human Resources Issues and Management. Currently, he is a consultant who works with organizations and businesses in designing and implementing interventions to address diagnosed needs.

He is a trainer and workshop facilitator of Inquirer Academy specializing in programs on Human Resources, Leadership and Management, Team Development.


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