Online customer journey: Ensure your target market finds you

by Glenn San Luis | Philippine Daily Inquirer This week we continue discussing a trend that became prevalent last year and continues to do so as we all adjust to the new normal: the migration online of a significant chunk of businesses. We asked Almie Borromeo, our resource person on online marketing, for her take […]

Agility for business recovery

by Glenn San Luis | Philippine Daily Inquirer As we are all aware, many small and medium businesses were affected by the pandemic. But with the arrival of vaccines, many are daring to plan for business recovery, which hopefully will be soon. We have heard the term “agile” as a possible framework or tool which […]

Client Relationship Management: Maintaining Clients in the New Normal

by Glenn San Luis It is important for businesses, in spite of the pandemic, to figure out ways to retain the loyalty of their customers, which translates to revenue retention, and sometimes, growth.  Customers sitting on unspent, delayed purchases wield significant power and thus it is important to identify and to keep these customers.  The […]