• Essentials of Social Media Management: Amplify your Brand and Engage your Customers
  • Leading Effective Meetings: Optimizing your Time and Resources
  • Developing an Attitude of Professionalism: Values and Attitudes for Success
  • Effective Workload Management: Everyday Techniques to Get Things Done
  • LeaderShift Module 1: The Leader as a PEOPLE MANAGER: From Task to People Management
  • Multi-Generation Workforce Management: Bridging Work Styles across a Diverse Workforce
  • Project Management Skills for Everyday Tasks: Adopting the Mindset from Planning to Execution
  • LeaderShift Module 2: The Leader as a COMMUNICATOR: From Talking and Writing to Communicating
  • LeaderShift Module 3: The Leader as a PERFORMANCE COACH: From Performance Monitoring to Leading and Coaching
  • Handling Customer Complaints: Communicate and Connect with your Customers
  • Customer Service Recovery: Win Back Customers and Keep Them for Good!
  • Principles of Creative Video Production: How to Produce Interesting, Compelling, and Viral Videos
  • LeaderShift Module 4: The Leader as an INNOVATOR: From Typical to Critical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making in the Workplace: Analyze and Implement Effective Solutions
  • The R.O.I. on a Customer Service Mindset: Reaping the Benefits of a Customer Service Culture
  • Professional Image and Presence: Civility and Etiquette in the Modern Business Setting
  • Managing Employee Development: Creating Programs for Career Growth and Retention
  • Supervisory Essentials: From Task to People Management
  • Interactive & Engaging Presentation Skills: Applicable Tools & Techniques for your presentation
  • Sales Proficiency Training (SPRING): Methods and Techniques in Sales & Negotiation
  • Digital Marketing Toolbox: Using the Paid, Owned, and Earned Model
  • PHONETOGRAPHY: Explore, Create, & Inspire using your Smartphone
  • Supervisory Essentials Training: Leader as an Effective Communicator
  • MS EXCEL MADE SIMPLE: Beginners Guide to Basic Excel
  • CODING FOR KIDS (PART 1): Enhancing Creativity & Critical Thinking
  • ADVANCED MS EXCEL: Optimize its Functions to Ease and Simplify Data-Driven Tasks
  • CREATE A STRESS - FREE SPACE: Managing Stress for a Happier and Healthier you
  • Building and Condo Management: Property & Facility Management, Leasing and Preventive Maintenance
  • Marketing 101: How Marketing is at the core of every growth strategy
  • Practical Enterprise Architecture
  • DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT: Native Advertising: Aligning Creative Thought Process and Storytelling with your Business Strategies
  • Essentials of Business Communication: Written and Oral Communication for Everyday Use
  • Business Etiquette 101: Professional Guide to Projecting the Best Image of your Company
  • Basic Quality Toolkit: Apply the 8 tools used to improve Productivity, Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Relationship Marketing: Cultivating Customer Relationship for Long-term Growth
  • Exploring MS Powerpoint and Beyond: Interactive and Engaging Presentation Tools
  • Supervisors as Coaches: Developing a Coaching Culture in your Organization
  • Basic Selling Program: Elevate your Sales Game with Tools and Techniques to close a sale
  • Strategies in Writing: How to Write Lean, Fast, and Viral


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    ₱ 2,900.00

    Strategic and Critical Finance

    Why join the workshop?

    In the light of globalization, regional integration, and the convergence of financial market systems which generate tremendous opportunities for high returns but high risks on the obverse, the CPA has been placed at the forefront of helping management leadership capitalize on these opportunities and avoid or minimize the potential and possible effects of these environmental risks on the business models. The traditional role of  the CPA at the backroom  as a “statistician” gathering and crunching numbers for regular management and statutory reporting is currently challenged by the emergence of a more strategic and critical role in response to these pressures and in leading management to achieve its goals. Thus, the CPA skills at technical work of Accounting and of Finance must be expanded and broadened to develop his / her strategic and leadership mindset as a partner in corporate sustainability building.


    This seminar/workshop covers specific topics which have high strategic and critical value in the effective performance of the emerging role of CPAs.




    At the end of the program, participants will be able to: 

    • Gain a better and deeper understanding of the emerging roles of the CPA and the factors that drive them

    • Acquire a better understanding of the integrative role of the finance function and how to make it more strategic and critical in stakeholder value creation

    • Understand more importantly the interplay and effects of risks and returns in financial decision making

    • Develop skills  in identifying and evaluating options for sourcing and investing funds and for go or no go decisions

    • Broaden their strategic decision making skills

    Who Should Attend:

    CFOs, controllers, chief accountants, financial analysts, investment analysts, project analysts or any participant who has some functions in financial decision making of his enterprise or company.


    More specifically, this workshop will cover the following topics:

    • Overview of the emerging roles of the CPA in the financial function

    • Background and presentation of financial models to enhance strategic decision making

    • Strategic mapping using managerial financial analysis of the financial statements

    • Concepts of risks and returns applied to making decisions for

      a. Working capital management
      b. Go or no go capital expenditure decisions
      c. Financing and investing decisions
      d. Capital structures and cost of capital
      f. Long-term financial instruments

    Course Schedule:

    Nov 29 - 29, 2017

    Jul 25, 2017

    Jul 25, 2017

    Sep 10, 2017

    Sep 10, 2017